Prepping for a winter of waves – surfing in the off season checklist

NCW Gulf Stream 4/3 mini front zip winter steamer

Summer’s done, grockles have fled, beaches are empty (ish) and the swell is pumping – well, fingers crossed! Yep, winter’s just around the corner with autumn currently upon us. While waters may be at their warmest there’s definitely a change afoot and a chill in the early morning/late evening air.

If you’ve yet to do so then now’s the time to prep your gear ready for charging it this winter.


Chances are your winter rubber may have been languishing somewhere in the back of your van/garage/shed not receiving the love it deserves. As colder temps begin to take hold you’ll need to make sure your suit is fit for purpose so go grab it…

…then thoroughly rinse, disinfect (if needs be) and hang out to dry. If you discover any nicks then best to patch up or have a professional repairer sort for you. The last thing you want is to be caught short just as you need your thick wetsuit.

Don’t forget NCW offers a wetsuit MOT where we sort any damage and make sure your rubber’s in good working order, ready for battle.


High performance surf sticks generally don’t get as much love during summer. Winter, however, is a different story. Dust down the old faithful and check for any dings or cracks. Soft spots as well will need sorting.

If you can repair yourself then great, but in many cases a shaper or ding repairer would be a better bet. They’ll make sure your sled is fully watertight and up to the task in hand.


It’s not just the actual board the will need inspection. The very things that give you grip and drive will also need looking at. Fins are an oft overlooked – yet essential – part of your set up that can make or break sessions.

A lot of fins these days are interchangeable. If you find damage then it could be worth simply stumping up for a new set. Having spares, at the very least, isn’t a bad call anyhow.


That old worn and tattered leash is most likely looking ready for the bin. You’ll be surprised how many surfers choose to hang on to the bitter end the very thing that keeps them in contact with main source of floatation.

Instead hit up your local surf emporium and purchase a new leg rope. Trust us when we say the day of days arrives you’ll be thankful you plumped for a new one.


As with leashes surfers tend to stick (geddit?!) with the same old coat of wax until the bitter end. Pick a suitable time and strip down your sled and re-apply a fresh coast. Not only will it smell pleasant it’ll also improve the aesthetic of your board – well, if applied carefully.

Happy shredding this winter peeps! And don’t forget to hit up NCW for any wetsuit wants and needs.