Surfing moaners and bleeters – switch it when ya don’t like it

Don’t you just hate moaners and bleeters (er, we’re sure that’s a juxtaposed sentence but what the hell)? You know, those that’ll scowl, harrumph and puff when it’s onshore, side shore and offshore. Too small; too big; wrong swell angle; wrong tide and so on. We’ve all had a rubbish session or two, and no doubt there’ll be a few more. But ultimately surfing’s a fun activity and much better than being stuck with nose to grind stone? If you don’t like it, don’t do it – it’s not like anyone’s holding you over a barrel.

You then have those who are so staunch in their resolution of ‘not doing anything else other than surfing, no not me’ stance that they miss the bigger picture. Unfortunately (as much as we’d all love it) idyllic, peeling offshore waves just don’t happen daily – not in this neck of the woods at least. Sure, you may hit the jackpot and get a run of blissful surf, but at some point your luck’s going to run out. Momma Nature will switch her mood in a heartbeat and it’ll be back to slop or flat or anything but classic. Moping about ain’t going to change things and neither is groaning to mates or ball aching on social media.

At this point it’s worth taking stock. Rather than shuffling about in a perpetual frustrated state why not change the way you do things. Here at NCW we’re pretty vocal regarding our support of ALL things watersports. In this day and age we’re certainly not lacking in terms of diverse active hobbies to get involved with.

For instance: the surf’s blown out and those weather bods can’t see respite any time soon. So make the most of it. How’s about learning a wind sport. Kitesurfing is pretty quick and easy to pick up (with the right guidance from a professional coach). We’re pretty sure that as those of a balancing on boards bent surfers yet to take the leap will learn quickly.

If becalmed conditions set in then you’ve got loads of options here. It could be time to unleash your Hawaiian waterman/woman inner self and head out to sea, via kayak or SUP, with fishing gear. Trust us when we say there’s nowt better than catching your own fish supper – even better if you grill it up on the beach ala BBQ stylee.

These options not float your boat? Then why not take it to land and bust out that wheeled deck gathering dust in the corner. These days plenty of all age groups are shredding the concrete skateboard style. Or grab your wet weather gear, find a rock and climb it. (Don’t forget NCW’s range of waterproof dry bags that are great in these types of scenario).

We could go on. But we’re not here to list every single type of activity that may or may not get your juices flowing. Instead use ya noddle and see what else the big wide world can serve up. Trust us when we say broadening your horizons will be the best thing you do this year. Open your heart and let the good vibes in…

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