Fingers in pies – making the most of your area as a multi-watersport disciplinarian

Were you one of those people who used to be all over the place? In the water, but at different locations each time, with no second thought about driving six hours in a day to score a surf session before returning home that same evening? Many may think this is batty but there are a bunch who do this kind of thing regularly. And then, suddenly, poof! everything changes. You get married, have kids and are required to spend far too many hours in a dull office. Suddenly time isn’t available and other commitments have gotten in the way. Yet you’re a coastal dwelling type (we appreciate not everyone is) or you live fairly close to a stretch of water (of some description). OK, it might not be point break heaven but it’s agua au natural none the less. The question therefore is: are you using this resource to its fullest potential? We hear time and again lamenting dialogues about past glories in the surf. But with H2O close to hand there are more ways to skin a cat. And after all, getting out there is the most important point. If you’re land locked we’ll bet our bottom Dollar there’s a river/canal/pond/stream nearby. These areas are perfect for kayaking or stand up paddling. And if you’re sorely missing waves, but moving rivers are in your vicinity, you may be lucky enough to score access to static versions. Stand up paddle boards and kayaks, once again, are great for this kind of thing and while not full on Atlantic pounders they’re certainly endless and don’t need size to be fun. Anyone living close to larger pools of liquid may choose other watery disciplines, such as windsurfing. If the area in question is big enough, and it’s allowed, then kitesurfing may also be on the agenda. Sometimes thinking bigger and not being afraid at trying something different will yield the most fun. It’s not just watersports of a traditional bent either. Things such as wild swimming, bog snorkelling (if that’s the only bit of water you have access to!) and all other manner of disciplines; a bit of imagination and who knows what you’ll get into. Our key piece of advice, however, is a bunch of toys (don’t go mad, we’re suggest you become the equivalent of a watersports equipment retailer) to make use of the varied conditions each day will help maximise your brine time. And don’t forget you can keep hold of your original gear for when that opportunity arises – you don’t need to give up. There’s a danger of becoming Jack of all Trades – Master of None, but does that really matter if you’re getting time in and having fun? We think not. One minute windsurfing, the next session SUP; bodyboarding with the kids before a splash in the waves. What’s not to like? Who knows, maybe you’ll become the next Kai Lenny style all round waterman or woman! Other articles you might like –
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