Summer scorchio – NCW has you sorted for warm weather surfing/dipping (adults and kids)

Scorchio innit? Yet we’re still (just about) in the early part of summer, meaning the water’s still chill. No, not reclined with a beer and a sun hat, we’re talking more on the colder side of the scale. It’s all very well running in and out of the shallows when temps ramp up, but for any extended period of wave sliding, where immersion is guaranteed, you’ll need something adorned to fend off the cold. After all, the dreaded hypothermia can still set in, even on hot days.

Have no fear, however, as NCW has you covered. As peddlers of all things rubber we can sort you with top notch summer surf threads. If you haven’t already seen then our long sleeve thermal rashie is a winner when you want a decent top layer covering with possibly boardies on your bottom half. If it’s super warm then NCW’s popular sleeveless neoprene vest may suit. Allowing arms to be exposed it straddles a multitude of uses, not just summery weather applications. Wear as a layering system under you winter wetty thereby increasing its shelf life.

When you only need the bare minimum of coverage we’d suggest our long or short sleeve traditional lycra rashie with SPF protection. Both garments deliver free and easy movement in warm wave environments yet keep just enough chill at bay. They’re super popular so give us a shout at NCW Towers to check availability.

For those requiring a bit less exposed skin we’re always happy to suggest NCW’s short or long John wetties. As with many other NCW product these can used as stand alone bits of gear or worn in conjunction with other items, such as under steamers, and utilised as a system thereby keeping you toasty all year round.

Check out the links below for product info on some of the bits mentioned.

But it ain’t all about mum and dad. Your kiddy winks will also require protection when frolicking in the surf. Have no fear, NCW has you covered on this front also. Be sure to check out NCW’s extensive selection of child friendly neoprene, rashies and assorted paraphernalia to make being by the water all the more pleasant.