Women who rip – NCW caters for you too!

Scan any action sports magazine, hit up your fave watersports media outlet or peruse your preferred extreme sports websites and you’ll be forgiven for thinking that it’s a domain reserved (generally) for the male of the species.

There have been countless articles written about the lack of female specific coverage in sport and without getting on our soapbox too much we have to say that although there’s more than there’s ever been exposure is still thin. And we don’t mean with regard to the top echelons of each discipline either. People like to see less elitist content sometimes and it’s these ‘everyman’ areas that are lacking. Which is hard to justify as social media makes publishing content applicable to all skill levels super easy.

We think it’s much more aesthetically pleasing to see a lady do her thing. There’s usually a lot more finesse than observing some beefcake muscle into a wave or spin round a move. And while there’s no lack of chargers in the world of women’s action sports (think Keala Kennelly or Bethany Hamilton – doing it one armed we might add!) – we’d much rather scope a lady glide along a smooth 3ft wall surfing, or blast across flat bubble gum blue water windsurfing/kitesurfing than see the latest edit from ***insert name of said male pro here***

Fi windsurfing, Vassiliki

Now you may be wondering with all this chat of bigging up the fairer sex why we don’t have female specific neoprene in NCW’s shop. Well the fact is: we do! Nearly all our wetsuits can be chosen with a specific women’s fit in mind. So why segregate? If it’s good enough for the Alphas out there then the same product should work fine with all you ladies – as long as you’re sized correctly. And that’s where we come in again. Offering that personal touch NCW will talk you through our fitting guide and make sure the product you walk away with is the product you need to get you out there, in the blue, sticking it to the blokes…

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